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young boyfriend

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  • Hi I am 17....I really like this boy ... we walk together to and from school every day but he is 3 years younger than me .... My friend thinks it's a good idea for me to let him go and find a younger girlfriend , but I just want to tell him how I feel ... please, I need advice

  • Hi Sonia,

    I think that the best thing is that you both talk about your concern with reference to his age and your's. He is still young and as you might already know, girls are by an average of 2 years more mature than boys. Your relationship might last but so as not to waste your time and his as well, better you talk once for all and see if you can continue to be good friends but that you both continue to discover what else life has to offer. You are very young so enjoy life without complicating it as you might regret one day. Enjoy my dear... 17 years is such a wonderful age..